Thunderbird 3.1.x

 It’s easier to upgrade to Thunderbird 3.1 from older versions of Thunderbird and other email clients like Outlook and Outlook Express.

Our new Migration Assistant will help you set up Thunderbird the way you want it. And our import tools help you bring your emails, address books, and settings from your older email program to Thunderbird 3.1.
To be Honest, I Trusted this email Aplication other than Outlook. My office worker always have problem related to email application, from maximum email can be save in Inbox to another problem like unable to connect properly

I use this aplication to read and download my gmail email. Well I always read online, now with this TB (Thunderbird) my Gmail will be read offline. And the setting to have Gmail in this TB is simple, just a few click and type your user/password and some setting.
EUREKA.. You have your TB able to connect to GMAIL

In this Newest thunderbird you have add-on to protect your email with soo many function
The skin is show a little different and have a light type application. And it mean we can have a fast email application

and about all the great about Thunderbird, my office worker seem not like the aplication. The biggest problem I deal in previous TB is, my TB isn’t connect with my mailserver? but it seem there something blocking my TB to connect with the server.
I hope the problem is not same as before.. I will try this aplication soon and posible

fyi.. this aplication can work on Linux too and MAC


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