one of extreme sport using bicycle with guts and good response!! using just a simple bicycle with a fully defense body armor etc, the athlete race against time to become the first in time to go to finish line.

This sport play in the hill like the name. The right place in Jakarta that able to use this kind of sport is in Sentul. This DH not only race just down, there is a path! with soo many obstacle

Downhill the first in 22 Oct 1976! in the road name Repack Road. This event make Alan Bonds the first winner for this event.
This event using a simple bicycle at the first.. but during the time, the bicycle upgrade into better one (one is the type that have powerfull and more safety to the rider)

Suspension for this bike is have a limit, because the road they face is bumbep and bouncing. Soo the bike is not only powerfull but must have custom configuration.

The structure or we called bones from the bike is one of reason someone win the race or fail.. Another reason is safety.. better configuration and bones make you fast but wrong configuration make you injured.

Not only the bike, the biker need a protection. The biker must use

  • Helm (full face)
  • Google
  • body, hand and leght armor.
  • etc

and like every pro said..



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