Eye Girl

Yurika is hate Yuki, A boy next class. He always stare Yurika like he gonna eat her. Yurika is a popular girl in school. Every boy bow before her. Only Yuki seem not unlike every boy.
But Yurika seem care to Yuki, until suddenly Yuki dissapear. Suddenly He showup rescue Yurika in car accident. because of this incident, Yurika is lost her sight and blame Yuki because he made the incident and took her eye.
A week has passed, Yurika have a good news, her sight is return because someone give his eye. The first he see in her new eyes was herself. Forgetting about it, she continued her life in this school.
Then he confuse by the view of old place like old village from her new eyes. Worried about her eyes, she asked to her parent to discover the eyes owner.
Yuki was the eyes owner, where she found out who is Yuki real identity. And a secret about her 10 years ago .

* Yurika. Spoil girl who have dream to make male bow before her.
* Yuki. Yurika twin lost 10 years ago in the village. He have heart problem and go to hospital. Realise Yurika in problem, he rushed to rescue his twin. Next his health become worse and died. His word before died is to trans his eyes to Yurika.
* Parent: they lost Yuki in village when the village collapse because great earthquake. When they meet Yuki Mother, they wanted to introduce Yuki to Yurika but an accident occurs and Yuki become worse then died.
* Mother of Yuki.
A kind person who held secret about Yuki.

A bond between twins is something mystery.  Yurika never knows she have brother. And like a twins, if someone have problem, the other will save the other.


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