Final Grand-Slash

Everyone love this GS, a new game-card. Arvind is one of the new champion in the town for male cup. The only obstacle is his rival Diana, a 1st place champion in the town.
The new competition will be held in 2 week for the country, and Arvind is play hard to make sure he defeat Diana. In GS shell that contain his powerfull creature, he hold a Final Card. A card that’s he trust to defeat the only.. Diana.

Arvind then challenge Diana into a duel, A Duel to show who is the best? Arvind or Diana. The battle between two is intense. Diana able to call all creature he have. But Arvind able to penetrate him.
In the nick of time, Arvind call magic that remove all monster for one turn in both side. Then he show his ultimate monster, the monster is Diana!!
“Dear Diana.. Can you be my special one?” Said Arvind to Diana.
The question. What Diana replied for this?

Arvind. Card master and teach Diana to play GS
Diana. Have crush on Arvind since high schooll but never show her felling.

How a boy act with card for a girl he love.


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