Chocolate Garden

Two person is in love when both them make a promise in CG(Chocolate Garden). The Gustavo (male elves) is worried when Barbara (female elves) want to go to foreign place called as human world. Barbara not worried and give the ring, the sign their promise. Promise to meet again in this CG.
“I’ll be waiting for you..” Gustavo said.
“yes I will be there” said Barbara. Then when Barbara have leave the CG far away from Gustavo
“If you return.. I will say …” Gustavo silence. “Can I said it to her?!”
But that’s promise is make to be broken. Barbara in love with Sanju then forget with Gustavo. Poor Gustavo, he waited Barbara. A few years later, Barbara return to CG. He found Gustavo, still waited for him there.
Barbara then meet Gustavo. “You are back!” Gustavo seem happy but he don’t realize Barbara isn’t different. “I was waiting you just to say.. I..” Gustavo suddenly silence.
“I…” Barbara blush.
“I think you fat!” Gustavo smiled. Barbara angry then punch him. but It’s were a shadow. “But I can still love you..” then Gustavo vanish into thin air.
A few day later, Barbara realize Gustavo has died a few month ago. And one his last word.. Barbara ♥

A decent elves who waited Barbara and never lost hope to her that she will come to CG.

Lost his memory and in love with Sanju (Doctor who save him). He always know he need go to CG.

A human that wanted to learn magic and create a trap that make Barbara lost his previous memory.

Why it should be made into an anime:
The story contain pure and confession of love for both male&female Elves.


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