Bantar Gebang

Jakarta 2009, an accident occurs in Jakarta Dump Area. Jakarta is shaking by an earthquake. Bantar Gebang garbage mountains collapse and kill a few scavenger. One of the victim is Doni a young 12 years boy, known as garbage-smarty-boy, the boy found smile while he died.
12 Years ago, He found near a garbage can with an silver blanket. Nobody knew His parent and then everyone in the village raise him as their child. When he was 5 years old, Doni play with garbage like other kid and gather around the dump truck to collect garbage and then sell it. But he then he collect the garbage to create it become something beautiful. Not just create, he fixed something or building something.
Doni surprised everyone when he said, an unknown voice direct him to do all the art. To bad, he just a dump-boy from BG(Bantar Gebang). No one things about make him go to school. Doni wish go to school but a bad person called as preman told other wise.
Doni without anyone teach him, read an old paper or read an old book that waste from school because change of Curriculum. During his freetime, he built a strange art that called as parent. The parent built from garbage and create as two look alike person. and Doni called them as Papa&Mama.
During the earthquake, Doni is still building Papa&Mama. When Garbage collapse, suddenly the parent move and cover his body. Doni doesn’t know where he was after that. He wake in a place more beautifull than BG. Then two person he knows as his true parent, salute him and a joy come to Doni.
But the time must seperated them, Doni must return to where he was should be, but Doni refuse. Doni want to follow his parent, follow them into their planet, that have joy and fun more than BG.


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