Kamen Rider Figure

Kamen Rider Kiva is the primary protagonist and eponymous character of the 2008 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Kiva. “Kiva” is an abbreviation for “KING OF VAMPIRE”, which plays in Kiva’s connections to the Fangire King. The Japanese name also comes from a reading for the word “fang” (? kiba?).

Kamen Rider Den-O is the seventeenth installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu programs. It is a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei. It premiered January 28, 2007 on tv asahi, and concluded airing on January 20, 2008.
Along with the usual film adaptation that Heisei Kamen Rider series have released during the late summer of their broadcast run, Den-O had a second film released in the spring following its broadcast run which grossed 730 million yen (approximately US$6.8 million)[1] and a series of 10 OVA shorts, both of which are firsts for any Kamen Rider. Continuing the trend, Kamen Rider Den-O also had a third film released in October 2008, the first for any Kamen Rider series[1][2] and a second series of 12 OVA shorts was released in November 2008. Takeru Satoh claims that the reason that Den-O has amassed such popularity is because of its comedic timing.[2] According to a recent press release from Toei, a fourth film is in production and has been included in the new Cho Den-O Series to be released on May 1, 2009.[3]
The catchphrases for the series are “Traveling through time, I am here!” (????? ????! Toki o koete ore, sanjo!?) and “The time train, DenLiner! Will the next station be in the past or the future?” (??????????!???????????? Toki no ressha Denraina! Tsugi no eki wa kako ka? mirai ka??).

photo from:
Widy MP


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