Queen Blade cattleya Refoltech

Cattleya Book
My favorite character from the Queen’s Blade series is Cattleya ( カトレア ). She’s a creation from the fertile mind of Hiraku KANEKO ( 金子ひらく )cover

catolea 1

Cattleya (カトレア Katorea?) and Rana (ラナ Rana?): A former Adventurer, Cattleya settled down with Blacksmith and her fellow Adventurer husband Owen. They ran a shop and had a son named Rana. Their happiness was destroyed when Owen disappeared. Cattleya adventures to find him now, is Rana with her by her side. Cattleya fights with the enormous two-handed sword “Giant-Killer.” Her combat ability is hampered by Rana constantly clinging about her knees.
To bad.. Rana not include in here
catolea 3

there a few optional item

  • Interface Mode (S&M)
  • costume (damage)
  • Hand 4x
  • Stand
  • Sword (big one)

Cattleya seem not proportional like the anime or the book seen.
actualy.. she’s not proportional you know… the main problem is the sword.. The sword seem to to big and seem not fully owned when buy this.
The Joint are nice.. the fact Joint from Revoltech never disappointed.. but the problem if Cattleya sit.. the worse are shown.. fell to buy it?

last word
And far superior body, armed with a weapon is a huge icon mother, appeared Revoltech! !


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