Heat and Cold

Kebakaran Heat are On
do you fell heat tonight??
heat make me hungry
Today is SOOO strange..
I see you pass outside my door (ups I mean Window)
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Is rainy outside? soo? what soo strange?
not strange.. until I found.. the sun still bright like no rain has drop in the land.
Rain still falling but the sun still bright..

U can fell Hot and Cold in same moment.. What a beautifull ? or worse?

People can sick or more.. easy to sick in this weather. I don’t know what happen but some old fable say..
Rain drop when sun are bright is a sign.. someone that’s care by an angel has died T_T and the rain is because the angel has cried.
Sky soo Blue
And when I see the sky.. It still Bright.. like nothing happen?


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