We live in the garbage.. If you notice..

and there is someone life among garbage.. that’s not an healthy life
garbage in front house
The world already fill with garbage. And this will never end or stop.. until we want make it stop. We dislike the garbage, and then we send all garbage to the last place.. in my coutry is called TPA (tempat pembuangan akhir) or The Last Throwing Place.
*perhaps the trans are wrong..

In big city like Jakarta or your city, the Garbage problem isn’t something simple. But other than about garbage, how about the Bin?? or I said the Recycle Bin
Auch.. so Full
unlike recycle BIN. we can’t take the garbage out after insert it to the BIN.. and the main or perhaps.. We don’t want this happen is the bin is soo filled and need to clean up
why not try from now? if you found garbage around you.. put in the Bin.. don’t be lazy okay
hehehe .. buang sampah


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